Crystal & Porcelain

Add elegance to your home and accessorize it with Crystal and Porcelain knobs from Emtek. Browse our selection and narrow down your search for the perfect Crystal and Porcelain knobs by using the filters on the left side of the screen.

Astoria Knob

Bristol Knob

Diamond Crystal Knob

Ebony Knob

Georgetown Knob

Hampton Knob

Ice White Knob

Lowell Crystal Knob

Old Town Clear Knob

Providence Crystal Knob

Windsor Crystal Knob

Astoria Cabinet Knob Clear

Bristol Colored Crystal Knob

Bristol Knob

Brookmont Colored Crystal Knob

Brookmont Knob

Crystal T-Knob

Deco Crystal Knob

Diamond Cabinet Knob

Diamond Wardrobe Knob

Forza Crystal Knob

Georgetown Knob

Grayson Crystal Knob

Hampton Knob

Juneau Crystal Knob

Lido Colored Crystal Knob

Lido Knob

Lowell Crystal Knob

Madison Cabinet Knob Black

Madison Cabinet Knob Ivory

Old Town Clear Cabinet Knob

Old Town Clear Wardrobe Knob

Porcelain Cabinet Knob~Ebony

Porcelain Cabinet Knob~Ice White

Providence Crystal Knob

Windsor Crystal Knob

Crystal Bar Pull