Cabinet Knobs

Upgrade your cabinet hardware with Emtek's Cabinet Knobs. Find decorative Cabinet Knobs for your home in a variety of design styles. Use the filters on the left to search through our selection of finishes and styles.

Atomic Knob

Bar Knob

Basin Knob

Bezier Knob

Brandt Knob

Cadet Knob

Carbon Fiber Black Knob

Carbon Fiber Silver Knob

Cinder Knob

Cone Knob

District Knob

Freestone Cabinet Knob

Freestone T-Knob

Globe Knob

Haydon Knob

Metric Knob

Mod Hex Knob

Mod Hex T-Knob

Modern Cabinet Backplate for Knob

Neos Back Plate for Knob

Podium Knob

Ring Knob

Stainless Steel Bar Knob

Trail Knob

Tribeca T-Knob

Warwick T-Knob

Cabinet Latch

Egg Cabinet Knob

Hex Cabinet Knob

Melon Cabinet Knob

Norwich Knob

Providence Cabinet Knob

Waverly Cabinet Knob

Art Deco Knob

Art Deco Square Backplate for Knob

Geometric Oval Cabinet Knob

Geometric Square Knob

Glendon Knob

Midvale Knob

Newport Knob

Overland Knob

Prosser Knob

R&R Back Plate for Knob

Ribbon & Reed Knob

Rope Cabinet Knob

Astoria Cabinet Knob Clear

Bristol Colored Crystal Knob. Discontinued with Inventory. Call for Availability.

Bristol Knob

Brookmont Colored Crystal Knob. Discontinued with Inventory. Call for Availability.

Brookmont Knob

Crystal T-Knob

Deco Crystal Knob

Diamond Cabinet Knob

Diamond Wardrobe Knob

Forza Crystal Knob

Georgetown Knob

Grayson Crystal Knob

Hampton Knob

Juneau Crystal Knob

Lido Colored Crystal Knob. Discontinued with Inventory. Call for Availability.

Lido Knob

Lowell Crystal Knob

Madison Cabinet Knob Black

Madison Cabinet Knob Ivory

Old Town Clear Cabinet Knob

Old Town Clear Wardrobe Knob

Porcelain Cabinet Knob~Ebony

Porcelain Cabinet Knob~Ice White

Providence Crystal Knob

Windsor Crystal Knob

Hammered Oval Pull

Hammered Ring Pull

Hammered Vertical Ring Pull

Round Dimpled Knob

Square Dimpled Knob

Sandcast Bronze Barn Knob

Sandcast Bronze Egg Knob

Sandcast Bronze Round Knob

Sandcast Bronze Rustic Modern Round Knob

Sandcast Bronze Rustic Modern Square Knob

Sandcast Bronze Square Knob

Sandcast Round Back Plate

Sandcast Square Back Plate

Wrought Steel Bastogne Knob

Wrought Steel Brittany Knob

Wrought Steel Flanders Knob

Wrought Steel Petal Knob

Tuscany Bronze Backplate for Knob

Tuscany Bronze Egg Knob

Tuscany Bronze Fluted Finger Knob

Tuscany Bronze Fluted Knob

Tuscany Bronze Octagon Knob

Tuscany Bronze Petal Knob

Tuscany Bronze Round Knob

Tuscany Bronze Twist Knob

Tuscany Bronze Twisted Round Knob