Passage/Privacy Levers

At Emtek, we offer a wide selection for the Passage and Privacy Levers. Choose from finishes such as Satin Brass, Medium Bronze, amongst others and styles such as American Classic and Rustic. Find the Passage or Privacy Lever that satisfies your personal tastes and home security needs by utilizing the filters located on the left side of the screen. You may pair the Passage/Privacy Levers with different rosettes and finishes to create a custom look.

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square Faceted Lever

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square Hammered Lever

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square Knurled Lever

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square Straight Knurled Lever

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square Tribeca Lever

EMTEK SELECT, L-Square White Marble Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar Faceted Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar Hammered Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar Knurled Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar Straight Knurled Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar Tribeca Lever

EMTEK SELECT, T-Bar White Marble Lever


Argos Lever

Aston Lever

Athena Lever

Basel Lever

Breslin Lever

Dumont Lever

Freestone Lever

Geneva Lever

Helios Lever

Hercules Lever

Hermes Lever

Luzern Lever

Mercury Lever

Modern Thumbturn
Privacy Lockset

Myles Lever

Poseidon Lever

Sion Lever

Spencer Lever

Stainless Steel Athena Lever

Stainless Steel Cologne Lever

Stainless Steel Dresden Lever

Stainless Steel Helios Lever

Stainless Steel Hercules Lever

Stainless Steel Hermes Lever

Stainless Steel Kiel Lever

Stainless Steel Poseidon Lever

Stainless Steel Stuttgart Lever

Stuttgart Lever

Triton Lever

Classic Thumbturn
Privacy Lockset

Cortina Lever

Merrimack Lever

Milano Lever

Turino Lever

Coventry Lever

Elan Lever

Ribbon and Reed Lever

Rope Lever

Rustic Lever

Santa Fe Lever

Wembley Lever

Arts & Crafts Lever

Hammered Lever

Aurora Lever

Bryce Lever

Cimarron Lever

Cody Lever

Durango Lever

Lafayette Lever

Lariat Lever

Mariposa Lever

Montrose Lever

Normandy Lever

San Carlos Lever

Teton Lever

Yuma Lever

Medici Lever

Napoli Lever

Octagon Lever

Padua Lever