Electronic Locks

Go keyless with electronic keypad locks, deadbolts, entry sets, the LISCIO Leverset with Bluetooth Programming, or the new EMPowered Connected by August Smart Lock. We offer a variety of electronic locks available in five different finishes and three different styles including the new EMPowered Motorized Touchscreen Keypad. Browse our selection to find the right electronic lock for your home.

EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen Keypad Baden Entry Set

EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt

EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen Keypad SMART Baden Entry Set - Connected by August

EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen Keypad SMART Deadbolt - Connected by August

EMTouch™ Keypad Deadbolt

EMTouch™ Keypad Entryset

EMTouch™ Keypad Leverset

LISCIO Keypad Leverset
with Bluetooth Programming

Modern Brass Keypad Deadbolt

Modern Brass Keypad Leverset

Modern Keypad Entryset

EMTouch™ Classic Style Electronic Deadbolt

EMTouch™ Classic Style Electronic Entry Set

EMTouch™ Classic Style Electronic Leverset

Keypad Deadbolt

Keypad Leverset

Sandcast Bronze Keypad Deadbolt

Sandcast Bronze Keypad Entryset

Sandcast Bronze Keypad Leverset