Mortise Knob by Knob / Lever by Lever Entry Sets

We offer Mortise Knob by Knob and Lever by Lever Entry Set options. Mortise locks fit doors that have been "mortised" or specially prepared to fit the long and rectangular lock body of the Mortise Entry Sets. The Knob by Knob and Lever by Lever Entry Sets are offered in various finishes including but not limited to Polished Brass, French Antique, and Pewter. Browse through our selection of Mortise Entry Sets using the "filter" features on the left hand side of the screen.

Artemis Mortise

Brisbane Mortise

Mormont Mortise

Mormont Stainless Steel Mortise

Charleston Mortise

Hamilton Mortise

Harrison Mortise

Manhattan Mortise

Memphis Mortise

Regency Mortise

Craftman Mortise

Cheyenne Mortise

Hailey Mortise

Rectangular Mortise

Da Vinci Mortise

Octagon Mortise