Unlacquered Brass

Coordinate the door and cabinet hardware in your home by shopping from our Unlaquered Brass (US3NL) finish products. Choose from our long list of products available in Unlaquered Brass (US3NL) finish including Pocket Door Locks, Door Accessories, Mortise Entry Sets, etc. Finding the right Unlaquered Brass product is easy with the use of the filters on the left to narrow your search by function and style.

Kickdown Door Holder, 5"

Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Pivot Stop for Brass Hinges

Roller Catch

Screen Door Locks - Arch Style

Screen Door Locks - Rectangular Style

Steeple Tip Sets for Brass Hinges

Surface Bolts

Wall Bumpers

Window Utility Pull

Artemis Mortise

Brisbane Mortise

Charleston Mortise

Craftman Mortise

Hamilton Mortise

Harrison Mortise