French Antique

Match the door and cabinet hardware throughout your home by shopping from our selection of products in French Antique (US7) finish. Find products such as Key In Knobs/ Levers, Sideplate Locks, Strettos, etc. all in French Antique (US7) finish. Narrow your search for French Antique (US7) products by using the filter options to view products by function and style.

Flush Pull - Modern
Rectangular Brass 6"

Flush Pull - Modern
Rectangular Brass 7"

Flush Pull - Rectangular Brass

Flush Pull - Round Brass

Flush Pull - Square Brass

Kickdown Door Holder, 5"

Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Pivot Stop for Brass Hinges

Roller Catch

Steeple Tip Sets for Brass Hinges

Steeple Tip Sets for Steel Hinges. Discontinued with inventory. Call for availability.

Surface Bolts

Wall Bumpers

Window Utility Pull

Charleston Mortise

Hamilton Mortise