New Crystal Cabinet Knobs by Emtek

Introducing all new crystal cabinet knobs by Emtek.


One of the amazing qualities of crystal is its ability to transcend any design style. The right knob design paired with the right finish can fit perfectly into any kitchen or bath. These new knobs come in a variety of styles to fit the look of any home.



Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, we honor our men and women in service. This day has a personal connection for Emtek. Tom Millar, the founder of Emtek, is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict where he served as a platoon leader in the 101st Airborne Division.


During his time in Vietnam he was awarded two Bronze Star Metals.


Today, we give thanks to Tom and all those great Americans in our Armed Forces.




New Trail Appliance Pull

Emtek’s Trail Pull is now available for appliance cabinets with 12 and 18 inch sizes. This chic, minimalist design is the perfect fit for any contemporary kitchen. Create a complete design theme with the Trail Pull on all of your cabinets.




Details of Design – Choosing a Finish

Design is in the details and picking a finish for the hardware in your home is key.


It can be the difference between the room “working” or feeling not quite right. So how do you choose the right finish? The fashion world touts hard and fast rules such as “Never wear stripes and plaid together!” or “No socks with sandals!”, but there’s no one-set of rules for choosing a finish in home design. That can make it one of the more challenging aspects of putting a room together.


For expert advice on the subject, we consulted the interior design team at DKOR Interiors in Miami, Florida.


“All of our projects start with the creation of a concept. The concept then relates from the big picture to the small details like the door design, baseboard design to even smaller carpentry pieces, like a nightstand. And something as detailed as the type of pull handle is crucial – is it functional while still maintaining the concept? So it’s the little, important details that bring the concept to life.”



Tip #1: Let the Room Guide You

“The first step is to take a look at the overall design of the space. Are we using flush doors? Are the doors white or painted a color? Once the general tone for the interior is set, we select the hardware model and finish based the aesthetic,” stated DKOR Interiors.  While not a hard and fast rule, there is a general association between certain styles and finishes. Is your design contemporary or transitional? Rustic? Traditional?

Finishes with a white base coloring, such as satin nickel, polished nickel, and chrome, tend to be used in contemporary and transitional design work.


Emtek Stuttgart Lever from American Dream Builders Featuring Nate Berkus.

Yellow tones in a finish have a close association with traditional design themes. Brass and French antique finishes fit well in this style.


Emtek Melon Knob in French Antique used in American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus.

Emtek Melon Knob in French Antique used in American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus.

Don’t forget about the texture of a finish! Is it shiny, brushed or sandcast? For example, a rustic design theme is based on natural materials with an unfettered look and feeling of warmth, thus a sandcast material would be a natural fit.



Mountain Luxe Style with Tumbled White Bronze and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes.

Mountain Luxe Style with Tumbled White Bronze and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes.


Tip #2: Don’t be Afraid to Mix Finishes

“Recently in our project, A Contemporary Moody Home, we used a mixture of gold and silver finishes. The goal was to appease different age groups in the home and in turn, helped encourage the home’s concept of a sleek and simple contemporary mood,” stated DKOR Interiors. While mixing finishes requires a lot of planning, the payoff can be great. Choosing two different finishes for a room can create a very dynamic, bold look or it can give it an unassuming, lived in feel.


Tip #3: Make It Your Own


Look for inspiration everywhere and don’t be afraid to throw the rules (or helpful tips) out the window to make the design your own. “We are constantly seeking to be inspired by unusual sources and hardware is certainly a very important detail in the final design. Accessories are often the pieces that pull a space together,” DKOR Interiors.


At the end of the day, pick the finish that you like best. Choose what catches your eye and your design will always feel like home.


Emtek in American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus

Emtek in American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus




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Style Guide

Style Guide – Savannah Chic

This month’s Style Guide is Savannah Chic! “This bold style is centered on creating texture for both your sense of touch and sight.” Have you used this style in your design work? What’s your favorite element?



Marketing Your Design Work – Tips on Photographing Reflective Surfaces

“How do I reach new customers?” is a fundamental question that rings eternal for every business owner. As a designer, the best tool you have to gain new work is beautiful, well put together examples of your previous work. The perfect picture of your designs can act as your best marketing piece to reach new customers. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer in terms of marketing, this blog will help you in taking on one of the more difficult tasks of photography – shooting reflective surfaces.


Chrome, polished nickel and other surfaces that shine are extraordinarily popular today. As beautiful as they are in a design, these materials prove wily subjects for photography. Many products that have a polished chrome or nickel look will tend to have intricate details to go along with the reflective surface, like ridges, curves, bevels, and sharp edges.


First tip: The shape of the hardware/product will tell you how you need to set up your lights, where to stand in relation to the product, and what you want to reflect or not reflect into it.




Second tip: Reflective surfaces will show anything within close range. Makes sense, right? So, put at least 3 feet between you and the product you are shooting. If you can, put distance between yourself and the product; it will help to eliminate unwanted reflections. It also helps to wear neutral colors if you can’t shoot from a distance.


The last thing you want in a close up shot of your beautiful chrome piece is a reflection of a person holding a camera.




That being said, some reflections can actually provide an interesting enhancement to your photograph.



These surfaces can also be very responsive to the light in a room. For example, yellow lights will make them appear more yellow themselves in tone. They will take on the coloring of the room and lighting in it, which may not provide an accurate portrayal of how the product actually looks.


Final tip: Be mindful of the light! A good soft box can help create the right lighting. If you don’t have one, try to get as much natural light in the room as possible. You can also use a combination of natural and artificial light. The goal is to fill in every shadow of the composition.


Use white boards to surround the reflective material and bounce light off of them instead of directly at the actual reflective surface you’re photographing. This will create soft, clean reflections that do not capture the image and color of other objects in the room.



If all else fails, you may need to color correct in post-production with a photo editing software.


In terms of photography, the devil is in the details, but with a few of these tips in mind you can easily create a beautiful portfolio of your best work.


Good luck and happy shooting!


From the collaborative minds of

SusanSig  andvioletsig


The Power of Color

Color has power. We respond to colors in ways that are unrealized, a subliminal reaction to external stimuli. Restaurants often chose red because it has been believed to make people more hungry. Shades of blue are thought to reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure. While not everyone is affected the same way, scientists have long made study of the way color can affect our moods and reflect our personality. It follows that picking the colors for your home design is an important task.


Let’s take a look at this example of Emtek’s Wilshire entry set in oil rubbed bronze paired with three different door colors. The same hardware in one finish has a completely different feel with each color choice.


First, let’s look at red:


This color is bold and eye catching. The color red has the ability to increase your heart and breathing rate; it is stimulating and energizing. What about the personality of someone who chooses to paint his/her front door in such a vivid color? What does it say to guests and passersby as they approach the door? In Chinese culture, red represents good fortune and joy. Perhaps a bold front door tells guests that they are walking into a joyous home, filled gregarious people who are filled with life. A bright color for energized people.


Next, a beautiful blue:



As previously mentioned, blue is the color of calm. It reduces anxiety and stress. On this more gentle color, the Wilshire has a chance to stand out much more than on the red door. The simple beauty of its geometric lines draw the eye. And what of the person who chooses this blue? Imagine a peaceful household full of warmth and love. Put a hand on the door handle and open it to the smell of freshly baked bread. Close your eyes – what does blue make you feel?


The ingenuity of green:



At first glance, this green brings out the highlights of the oil rubbed bronze finish. The small flashes of brass shine against this color. Green is the color of ingenuity and learning. “Geniuses pick green,” said Robert DeNiro in Meet The Parents. Scientists have found that a room painted green can actually improve a child’s learning speed and retention. So, what is the home with a green door? A family gathered around a Scrabble board? Mom and Dad are always sure to include story time before bed to instill a love of reading and imagination. What do you see for green?


The colors you choose for your home are more than just a style choice. They have the power of subtle influence – peace, energy, ingenuity. The color you choose can reflect who you are. Next time you head to the paint store, don’t be afraid to pick a color that lets YOU stand out.



Thanks for reading. You might also be interested this post about color.