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Our world is evolving, but the way we react can be both subtle and beautiful in design. Emtek offers a variety of hardware solutions that can limit your family's contact in high-traffic areas throughout your home while still providing the look that you know and love.

Helping to keep your family safe does not have to include ostentatious and gimmicky products-- instead, explore some of our stylish product offerings that help reduce or eliminate the need to touch. And for the most effective germ-transmission prevention, please see our important hardware cleaning and disinfecting tips.

EMPowered Smart Locks


Smart Locks

With automatic locking and unlocking features, no touch is necessary

Mortise Locks



Using just the Emtek copper alloy key, retract the bolt and latch while simultaneously pushing open your door

Interconnect Devices

Interconnect Device

When added to an Emtek entry set, allows a single touch/action to retract the bolt and latch while exiting

Spring Hinges

Ball Catch

Replaces a standard latch for push-to-open access from anywhere on the door

Ball Catches

Spring Hinge

Automatically shut doors behind you, eliminating the need to pull close

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder

Holds doors open to eliminate the need to touch

How to clean and disinfect Emtek products
How to clean and disinfect Emtek products
How to clean and disinfect Emtek products

Watch Jeff from Emtek's Engineering Team discuss and install some of these minimal-touch door hardware options in his own home


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