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Instead of offering a new blog of our own, today we’d like to share the words of someone else. The Locksmith Ledger International published an article in their October 2012 issue on the rise of electronic locks being used in residential homes and the EMTouch lock. “Homeowners tired of rummaging in purses and pockets to find keys now have an attractive alternative” according to the Locksmith Ledger. It’s a pleasure to be recognized by a professional publication that reaches out to one of our valued customers – the locksmith community.


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7 thoughts on “The Locksmith Ledger: EMTouch Electronic Lock Article”

  1. I wanted t replace my house front door key lock. I planned to by a Schlage 5 button lock at Home Depot as a direct changeout for the Schlage key lock.

    I mentioned this to my locksmith and he quickly told me don’t do it. He personally did the same thing on his house and the Schlage failed in four months. He switch to the Emtek E-1000 and two years later, it is still running fine.

    I bought the E-1000 in bright brass and watch the install procedure on You tube. It went in in 45 minutes, and I am happy to report after 2 months it works perfectly. I have good confidence that it will be trouble free.

    It does come with keys if you must but I will never need them. They are in the house, not on my key ring.

    The E-1000 has a 5 year guarantee from the company which is in California.

  2. Won’t electronic locks reduce the demand for local locksmith services? If people can just enter an access code, locksmiths won’t have to come and open the door, and the locks can be easily reprogrammed.

  3. It was a battery problem. Put in a new 9 volt and it works fine. However, I have had the lock installed only about a year. the battery I took out tested at about 6 volts. Maybe Emtek needs to find a new source for their batteries, or switch to Lithium 9Vs.